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Parent Notice of Potential Release of Student Information

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Chromebook Information

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Chromebook Information for 3rd-5th Grade

Chromebook Repair

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New California Immunization Waiver Law

student meals

Visit our Child Nutrition page to order meals and see menus!  It's All Here!


Join us for Coffee with the Principal!

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Next Meeting: TBA

Thank you volunteers!

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Next Volunteer Training: TBA


Supply Lists

CAASPP Results are Headed Our Way

Field Trips

Plan on attending a field trip with your child? Please read the attached letter!

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Grades 1st-5th

7:30-1:50 PM REGULAR DAY

7:30-12:23 PM MINIMUM DAY

7:30-12:45 PM EARLY RELEASE (Wednesday)


7:30-10:55 AM EARLY BIRD KDG

9:40-1:50 PM LATE BIRD KDG

7:30-10:55 ERD (Wednesday)

All Day K

7:30-1:50 REGULAR DAY

7:30-10:55 ERD DAY (Wednesday)


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Proposed Development Across From THE

Hello Families, 

 Attached are the plans for the proposed development across the street from the school. As we receive more information we will post it here on the website. Thank You, Callie Beitler



Mission Statement

We have created a culture of high expectations for student development.  We are committed to students’ present and future achievement, success and well-being through the shared responsibility of teachers, parents, staff and community.


Early Act Dates

Meetings are from 1:50-2:30 PM


See you next year!!!!


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We have several students at Tournament Hills Elementary that have food allergies to peanut/nut and chocolate products.  As a school we have taken some precautions to limit exposure to these allergens.   

A table in the eating area has been designated as an allergy free zone.  Peanut butter/nut and chocolate products will not be sold in the cafeteria.  Some children bring their lunch to school.  If peanut butter/nuts or chocolate are brought to school your child will not be able to sit at the allergy free table. If your child has eaten peanuts/nuts or chocolate before coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed before leaving for school.

We appreciate your support.  Please contact me if you have any questions.


Callie Beitler


May 1.png

Tuesday, May 30th

Wednesday, June 1st

Thursday, June 2nd  

All TK/Kdg in the AM,

7:30 -10:55

Grades 1-5, 7:30 - 12:23 PM

Please make arrangements to have your

child/children picked up on time.

Field Day 1.jpg

May 27th -- Fire Truck will be here (if available)

Make sure to bring a towel

( shorts & shoes must be worn)

Monday, May 30th


In Observance for

Those Who Gave All


June 2, 2016

7:45 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

(outside, weather permitting)

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Last Day of School 

June 2, 2016

Minimum Day

ALL TK/Kdg in the AM, 7:30-10:55

Grades 1-5, 7:30-12:23 PM



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Want to join our Elementary Band?

Click here for more information



New Parking Lot Procedures!

Parking Lot-  As we enter another year our number one priority is to keep all of our students safe! Parking lots can be one of those places where students safety is in question with some drivers. Please note that if at any time you are not driving safe in our parking lot you will be directed to park your car off campus and walk in to pick-up/ drop-off your child. Please do not come to pick-up your child in a rush! The average parking lot pick-up time is anywhere from 10-20 minutes and can be longer due to weather or other circumstances. Our new parking lot has not been used as we had hoped this past year for several reasons, and in order to continue to provide "curbside pick-up" after-school we have incorporated our new parking lot to ease traffic off the street.

Second grade student pick-up will now be located in the new altered parking lot and you will need to pull into the right hand lane when entering the school. This lane will only merge into the new parking lot.

If you are picking up your child from an AM Kindergarten (Early Bird) classroom your will need to park your car in a parking space and walk up to the front of the school to pick-up your child.

If you are picking up a PM Kindergartner/TK  or 1st grade student you will want to pull into the left lane when entering the school. This lane will take you to the front of the school where your child is located.

Students in grade 3-5 are dismissed from their classroom and exit out the school from the big gate. There will no longer be an area outside the big gate for you to pick-up your child. That lane is an "exit only" lane from the 2nd grade pick-up area. If you wish for your child to remain on campus for pick-up they will now be located in the 2nd grade pick-up area under the supervision of the teachers.

After the traffic seems to have cleared, all remaining students will be taken to the front of the school. Any students still remaining at the school 30 minutes after dismissal will be signed into the front office. You will need to park your car and walk in to sign your child out.

We will have a new STOP sign located in the parking lot. All cars must stop at this sign and proceed only when the prior car has cleared the striped "no stopping" area. There is a parking lot survey located on the front webpage, please take our survey!




Callie Beitler


Tournament Hills Elementary 

California Distinguished School Logo.jpg

Tournament Hills Elementary School

A California Distinguished School

Tournament Hills Elementary


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Safety First.jpg


Parents and Students:

We would like to remind everyone of some general safety tips as students are coming to and from school.  We encourage students to call 911 immediately if they feel in danger as they are traveling to and from school.  

Student Safety Reminders:

  • Students should always be aware of their surrounding, especially when walking or waiting alone
  • Do not walk alone but walk in groups of two or more
  • Never get into a vehicle with a stranger-fight, shout, scream, kick, bite, run and tell
  • Never take anything a stranger offer you-do not accept candy, food or money from a stranger
  • Do not walk alone in the dark
  • Stay away from lonely places-do not go alone into deserted buildings, empty parking lots or places where there are few people around
  • Remain on school grounds during school hours
  • Immediately tell responsible adults/school officials about any suspicious activities or people encountered to or from school and give as many details as possible

Student safety is a top priority in Beaumont Unified School District and we appreciate your help in creating a safe learning environment and community.


Tournament Hills Motto

E - Eagles

A - Are

G - Great

L - Learners

E - Every day

S - at School

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Our students and teachers have such a limited amount of instructional time each day and out of respect for that time parents will no longer be able to go to the classrooms to talk to their child, deliver a lunch, drop off homework, etc.  These types of interruptions impact the learning of all children in that classroom.  If you have homework, lunch, etc. to drop off you will need to leave it with the front office staff.   If you plan on volunteering please schedule a time with your child’s teacher so the teacher can have materials prepared for you so there are limited interruptions in instructional time.  Thank you for your cooperation.



2015-16 School Calendar/Daily Schedule

Revised 2015-16 School Calendar

Board Meeting 5/12/15

Revised 15-16 Calendar.pdf

Daily Schedule




Every week at lunch in the Multi-Purpose Room

All students are welcomed!

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16 PBIS Social Skills for School Success

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Our school has one easy online location to find all the flyers of events for your students.  Its call our Peachjar!   The Peachjar of eflyers can be opened with this one click.  To view school-approved eflyers, simply click the Peachjar button on the school’s website.  Additionally, you will receive school emails from Peachjar each time a new one is added.  And, if you are using the BEAUMONT App the flyers come right to your device!

Emergency Release Procedures

Student Absence(s)

If your child will be absent from school,  please call the attendance mailbox at (951)769-0711 ext. 2125.


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School Information

Tournament Hills Elementary School

36611 Champions Drive

Beaumont, CA  92223

Phone (951)769-0711

Fax  (951) 769-0592

District Non-discrimination Policies and Complaint Procedures

The Beaumont Unified School District prohibits, during all school activities, programs, and employment, discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation , or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. 

5145.3 BP Nondiscrimination-Harassment

5145.7 AR Students Sexual Harassment

5145.7 BP Students Sexual Harassment

Notice To Parents and Guardians - Complaint Rights.pdf

1312.3 BP Uniform Complaint Procedures December 9, 2014.pdf

1312.3 BP Uniform Complaint Procedures December 9, 2014 Spanish.pdf


To file a formal complaint, please contact:

Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Support Services

(951) 845-1631

350 W. Brookside Avenue, Beaumont, CA 92223