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Attendance Mailbox-Call (951)769-0711, ext-2125, to report your child's absence.

It is extrememly important that all students attend school on a regular basis.  School attendance is mandated by statute and by laws and regulations of the Sate of California and the Governing Board of the Beaumont Unifieid School District (BP 5113)

Tournament Hills Elementary has the responsibility to enforce all attendance policies, which assure regular attendance and punctuality.  In order for an absence to be cleared, a parent/guardian must call on the day of the absence and send a note to your child's teacher upon return.  If your child accrues an excessive amount of absences, it may be necessary to request to have a physician's verification of illness on file.


According to the California Compulsory Attendance Law, an absence in only excusable for the following reasons:

  • Illness related/medical appointments
  • Quarantine by County Health Department
  • Attending Funeral services of an immediate family member
  • Court apprearances


A student is tardy when they are not in their seat when the bell to begin the school day sounds at 7:30 a.m.  Students with continued tardy patterns may be given the following consequeces:

Warnings, Recess/Lunch detention, Conference with parents, Referral to SARB

Early Releases

Parents must come into the office to sign their student out for any medical appointments.  Office staff will verify if you are authorized to sign out that particular student, please always bring in your photo identification.  However, students who are signed out early may not be eligible for perfect attendance recognitions.  If at all possible, please try and schedule your medical appointments for after school hours.

SARB (School Attendance Review Board)

Upon the 3rd Truancy (combinations of unexcused absences/truant tardies +30 min unexcused), the parent/guardian will receive an attendance letter.  Should the student accrue an additional truancy code, a second attendance letter will be mailed.  This letter #2 results in a conference with the school principal to assist and address any problem you might be experiencing and to come to a resolution towards positive attendance.  Continued Truancies will result in the invitation to our District's SARB (School Attendance Review Board) procedures.